On Demand or Live Broadcast

- Host your video on a Catholic Web site instead of YouTube 

- Start your own Catholic TV station

- We do not limit the length of your video

- Broadcast your conference or teaching seminar LIVE and then archive for replay

- Broadcast your Parish masses and/or be live 7/24 (security is an added benefit for 7/24)

- No advertising banners or pre-roll advertising clips on your video or live broadcast

- You can private brand your screen and/or embed it on your current web site.

- Mobile Device support including MacOIS and Android

- We provide consulting and full support on your specific needs from selecting the hardware to helping design the web page.

click here for a Sample Catholic TV station

click here for a Sample Parish 7/24 Broadcast

click here for a Sample of a Live Broadcast - Bible Study


call us today for a FREE consultation and a FREE 30 day broadcast setup to test your needs and requirements